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N SET $125

3~6D volume

Appx 45 pairs per eye

Refill(2wk/3wk/4wk) $/70/80/95





Sublte WHITEN | $50 – 25min

Enhanced WHITEN  |  $100 – 1hr30min

WHITEN Booster  |  $30 –  Complete any WHITEN service & receive a bright white tint that boosts longevity of whitening treatment, also prevents tartar accumulation on teeth and improves gum health.


How long the extensions last and how often should I come for refills?

Eyelash extension maintenance can vary depending on how well you care for your lash extensions and your natural lash growth cycle. Our refills are available from 2 weeks to 4 week..

How should I decide the set and style?

If you're new at Alora Lash And Beauty, please book 'eyelash extensions new customer' option in the booking page and you'll have a consultation with your lash artist on your appointment. We will recommend you the suitable and best look according to your preference, lash condition, eye shape and etc.

What's pre-care and aftercare?

Please come without eye makeup and if you're uncomfortable wearing contacts during the service, please take them off before the service. After getting lash extensions, avoid washing your face and keep the lashes dry for at least 4-6 hrs. The sauna, pool, strenuous exercise, and rubbing your eyes may cause extensions to fall off quicker than normal. Using an eyelash curler or mascara is not recommended as well.

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